HEFTY.art Partners with SOTHEBY’S For First Ever ‘Phygital’ Auction of India’s Greatest Modern Artist

M.F Husain’s ‘Fury’ To Be Offered As Both a Physical Painting & An NFT Unique Digital Edition this October

In the first-of-its-kind ‘phygital’ auction of an Indian artist’s work, Hefty.art, Web 3.0’s most discerning art space, will partner with Sotheby’s, the world’s premier destination for art and luxury auctions, to offer ‘Fury’, by legendary artist M.F Husain. The collaboration will see both the physical painting, created by Husain in 2000, and an NFT of the work, offered alongside the Modern and Contemporary South Asian Sotheby’s Auction on 25th October. The works, which are estimated in excess of $120,000 will be sold as a single lot online with cryptocurrency payments accepted, to coincide with the live auction at Sotheby’s, London. The auction will be live from the 19th to the 25th of October.

The phygital sale of ‘Fury’ is a fitting launch to HEFTY.art’s new platform, a venture which gives voice and space to artists, enabling them to thrive both creatively and financially. M.F Husain completed ‘Fury’ in 2000, the year that marked the infamous crash of the ‘dot com era’ triggered by the rise and fall of technology stocks. In the two decades since, advancement and adoption of the internet and technology in every sphere of daily life, including the art world, has taken place across the globe. The sale of ‘Fury’ marks the first of many NFTs to be released by HEFTY.art of artworks by some of the most recognized curators and artists from across the world.

HEFTY.art is a platform for NFT curators, creators, and collectors founded by Polygon – the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development and eDAO, a creator economy focused DAO designed to launch global art, gaming, media, and entertainment IPs and communities at scale, into the world of Web3. eDAO will create unique experiences for the largest spectrum of cultures through the Strand – a dynamic access pass, free to mint, forever.

Since launching its first NFT sale in 2021, Sotheby’s has witnessed a meteoric rise in this category with approximately $100 million of sales and multiple benchmarks set, including the record for a single CryptoPunk ($11.8m) and a single Bored Ape ($3.4million). Last year, Sotheby’s also launched The Metaverse – a first-of-its-kind dedicated NFT marketplace to serve as a destination for additional NFT sales. It offers a sophisticated viewing experience that marries Sotheby’s renowned curatorial eye with cutting-edge Web3 technology, introducing a unique marketplace for rare and important works. ‘Fury’ will be offered in a single lot online-only format and forms an important bridge between the physical and digital artistic realms, and speaking to the broadest spectrum of art lovers.

Follow Hefty Art socials:

Hefty Art: https://hefty.art/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heftyart.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hefty_Art

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KINZA 360 is Going to Dubai: Visit One of the 2022 Grandest Affiliate Marketing Events

Сross-continental forum on affiliate marketing is now expanding globally. The first KINZA event to be held far beyond the CIS will take place in Dubai, the world’s new mecca for business and pleasure. On October 26-27, over 3000 experts will attend KINZA Dubai for networking, experience-sharing, and establishing new partnerships.

Festival Arena, which is one of the most impressive venues in Dubai for holding events of any scale and character, will host the forum. This time, you’ll have two days to meet colleagues from 50+ GEOs, ingest top-level content from world-class performers, and build profitable connections.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Come face to face with the attendees of your interest: webmasters and website owners, media buyers, direct advertisers, SEO specialists, industry bloggers, and influencers;
  • Hottest insights about traffic in the most popular verticals: Health & Beauty, iGaming, E-commerce, Crypto, Fintech, Forex, Dating, Infobusiness, Services, and more;
  • Spacious expo floor full of business opportunities: 80+ prominent affiliate marketing companies will showcase their exclusive offers and bonuses;
  • Real-life case studies from 25+ top-notch speakers who know the industry inside and out and offer practical solutions to increase performance;
  • Charming afterparty at the end of the forum with premium shows, drinks, snacks, and hookahs included.

“KINZA Dubai will become a brand-new experience that will impress you even if you have visited lots of the industry conferences, – says Ekaterina Yaroshenko, project manager of KINZA 360. – The event will be the perfect mix of work and entertainment and we made sure you could take the most out of your trip. So, don’t forget to check the Discover Dubai guide on the official website before you go.”

KINZA Dubai 2K22 official partners: 1win Partners, Pin-Up Partners, Gagarin Partners, Clicklead, Marlerino Group, Traffic Devils, and others.

Tune in with the best marketing project by Digital Leaders Awards – buy your ticket to the forum here INSERT UTM LINK. Moreover, using the promo code NULLTX15, you’ll get a 15% discount!

Don’t want to miss any important information? Join the KINZA 360 Telegram channel and official chat.

About the Project

KINZA 360 – a сross-continental forum on affiliate marketing that is part of the ADSbase integrated communications holding company and brings together industry experts worldwide: webmasters, SEO specialists, direct advertisers, and many more. The event has been held since 2014 and has grown rapidly, with 2000+ attendees participating at each event.

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Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi – Unleashing the Potential for the Future Tech Development

Abu Dhabi, UAE – After the first successful event in Lagos, Nigeria, the Web3 Delight is moving to the thriving capital of UAE. Abu Dhabi Web3 Delight is a unique next-generation event dedicated to developing and adopting blockchain in the growth markets. It’s the second in the series of Web3 conferences organized by SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC, an investment arm of the management consultancy Agile Dynamics.

This in-person and online event takes place on November 15th, 2022, featuring speakers from Saudi Arabia and Argentina, the US and Russia to Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates to Nigeria.

SwiftMotion Media is honored to bring Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi to Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Khor at Rabdan, Al Maqta’, Abu Dhabi. To register for the event, please visit www.web3delight.com.

Designed as an event dedicated to knowledge transfer in Web3 space, Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi’s mission is to bring value to the attendees by providing pragmatic insights into the most real-life applications and relevant fields of development of blockchain technologies.

As a creation of Paul Lalovich, Managing Director of Agile Dynamics, Web3 Delight will string together growth markets from Lagos to Ho Shi Min City over  Abu Dhabi into a broader community united through the socialization of Web3 technologies and the growth of blockchain adoption.

As the MENA innovation capital, Abu Dhabi leads the way in blockchain adoption as part of the transformation outlined in The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Investments in the tech sector are the forefront priority of the UAE as part of the mission of becoming a global technology hub. According to the Global Innovation Index, the UAE ranks as the best environment for innovation across the Arab world.

With a mission to provide the means for an innovative creator economy that is inclusive, secure, and cooperative, Web3 Abu Dhabi is gathering global and local Web3 stakeholders to create an environment of opportunities for the decentralized future of technology. The event schedule is built across the value chain of Web3. It is designed to provide a comprehensive perspective across the Web3 technologies landscape, answering questions on how to create value with a blockchain and build superior businesses.

In addition, we will have a fully interactive panel discussion engaging the audience and answering their challenging questions in real time. We’ll address NFTs, blockchain gaming, metaverse, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, etc.

Web3 is not about technology only! Tech is just a vehicle for the much more significant change upon us. This social movement promotes transparency, consensus, inclusiveness, ownership, and openness.

Contact Information: Tesha Teshanovich

Email: tesha@agiledynamics.co

Website: http://www.web3delight.com

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1800+ Online Merchants Choose Anonymous Shopping with CRP and UUSD

Already well-known as an entirely confidential and secure ecosystem, this year, Utopia became an impressive way to enjoy anonymous shopping in Crypton (CRP) and Utopia USD (UUSD) at over 1800 online stores.

Thanks to fully decentralized blockchain technologies, shopping in CRP and UUSD is completely secure. Every transaction is instant and collects no metadata, such as transferred amount, account information, and transaction date. Thus, no third parties can track or trace any payment details of sellers and buyers.

The security and anonymity of the Utopia blockchain are guaranteed by Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources algorithms. Its structure is dispersed among nodes all over the world. All the data transmitted is protected via the multi-path routing that resists any MITM attacks, Curve25519, XSalsa20, and Poly1305 algorithms.

Importantly, Utopia has more amazing features. They include:

  • P2P architecture that guarantees no system overload.
  • No KYC.
  • High liquidity of CRP and UUSD.
  • Cryptocurrency cards.
  • Vouchers for offline payments.
  • Efficient GUI, CLI, and API.

Meanwhile, Utopia has a decentralized DNS, an anonymous browser, a private messenger, multiplayer games, and a spam-free email service. The ecosystem is available in 29 languages for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Official Utopia website: https://u.is

Download Utopia: https://u.is/en/download.html

Crypton Exchange: https://crp.is

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The World’s Flagship Blockchain Event is Around the Corner, Blockchain Economy Dubai (Oct 4-5)

Excitement for the World’s Most Global Blockchain & Crypto Conference is at its peak as Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit date is approaching. Blockchain Economy Events are attended by famous TV&Film Stars, Pop-Stars, Ministries, and industry leaders such as Blockchain.com, MicroStrategy, KuCoin, Crypto.com, BITMAIN, Ledger, Kraken, Gate.io, BitMex, OKX, and many more since its very first 2019 edition.

Summit’s upcoming 5th edition will be proudly hosted in Dubai, the largest crypto hub in the World. The event is set to be held on October 4-5, 2022, in the prestigious Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. According to the announcement that was made on this highly anticipated conference’s Twitter account, attendees from 63+ countries are already headed to Dubai for the Most Global Blockchain Conference in the World.

The Event provides unparalleled networking opportunities to its participants, gathering not only crypto companies but government officials, institutional investors, and industry giants such as Microsoft, Meta, Deloitte, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and many more. While part of the attendees will have a chance to listen to the mind-blowing panel discussions and keynote sessions about Bitcoin adoption, professional trading techniques, investment strategies, building on web 3.0,  De-Fi, Metaverse, NFTs, usage and implementation of Blockchain technology in various industries, and many other key topics on the Main Conference Stage, others can visit the participating companies’ booths, experience the various entertainment activities, explore the NFT Art Gallery and build new partnerships in extensive networking areas.

Influential names such as: 

    • Vas Modinos – Solution Lead at Microsoft
    • Sumit Gosh – Founder and CEO of Chingari (Chingari is leading web 3.0 powered social app with more than 107mln downloads)
  • Alena Afanaseva – Co-Founder and CEO of BeInCrypto
  • Ivan Liljeqvist, a.k.a. Ivan on Tech – Founder of Moralis, Entrepreneur and Software Developer
  • Adrian Zduńczyk, a.k.a. Crypto Birb – Chartered Market Technician, Founder of The Birb Nest
  • Matthew Graham – CEO of Sino Global Capital
  • Mohamed Issa – Regional Manager at Chainalysis

are among the speakers of the conference. The conference will be hosted by Ramia Farrage, Senior Producer and Presenter from Forbes.

As Uphold’s Chief Platform Officer and award-winning compliance officer with over 18 years of experience Oonagh Van den Berg says “Blockchain Economy Events bring crypto conferences to the next level.” And this time,  Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit participants will have a chance to meet Famous Titan the Robot and experience performances by this combination of man, ingenious animatronics, engineering and advanced electronics. Giant 8ft Titan Robot is the semi-finalist on “Britain’s Got Talent 2022” and will come alive at Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit for breathtaking, spectacular shows. 

Blockchain Economy Summit’s doors are open to all major players in the fintech industry and new startups to discover the opportunities provided by the sanction-free “paradise” Dubai to reshape the financial future coming together under one roof.

“Dubai has a great potential in terms of regulating crypto platforms, crypto assets, and its usage. This is precisely why we want to attract global players and new startups to Dubai.” says Event’s Project Manager Servi Aman.  

The expected attendance for the 5th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit is 3,000 from more than 60 countries. Further information is available on the summit website: https://beconomydubai.com/

To Sponsor the Event and reserve a booth: https://beconomydubai.com/why-sponsor

Tickets are available: https://beconomydubai.com/tickets

Event info:

Name: Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit

Date: October 4-5, 2022

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE

Official Event Hashtag: #BEDubai2022

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Rereading WEB3: The Decentralization of the Video Streaming Industry With X METAVERSE PRO

We live in the age of video streaming thanks to many emerging video streams like Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Disney+, Brightcove, and more. These video streaming platforms play an essential role in our lives, serving content to hundreds of millions of active users every day. According to authoritative reports, in 2022, Internet video is expected to account for 70% of the total market traffic. IP traffic has reached 396 exabytes per month, which continues to increase.

The entire industry is ascendant, but drawbacks and shortcomings still exist.

The discovery of the video industry is outstanding but has disadvantages and shortcomings. The ever-increasing amount of data means streaming providers must spend a fortune to maintain their networks. They either put the content delivery network (CDN); or rent servers through cloud service platforms such as Amazon AWS. But no matter which method is used, it will increase the cost of their operation. For users due to the limited radiation capability of CDN, those users who are far away have a slightly poorer experience, and problems such as poor picture quality, access denied, or network instability sometimes occurs.

Coupled with the continuous advancement of technology, the personalized needs of users have also been updated, and the resolution has increased from the original 720p or 1080p to 4K and 8K, all of which have brought difficulties because they require more and more robust bandwidth transmission.

As a fast-growing crypto project, X METAVERSE PRO tries to provide a viable solution to all the above problems by leveraging blockchain and Web3 to achieve decentralization in video streaming.


X METAVERSE PRO is a new video streaming and transmission platform based on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional projects in the market that utilize centralized servers for operation and transmission, X METAVERSE PRO provides streaming services through a completely decentralized network.

On the one hand, the project retains the flexible advantages of current popular video applications, focusing on encrypted social platforms or applications to create a vast entertainment and interactive community, allowing viewers and players to become one, and everyone is both an audience and a performer. The content contained on the platform is extensive and continuously updated, covering various types, including music, dance, games, knowledge, life, food, records, cartoons, and allows likes, comments, sharing, and attention. On the other hand, X METAVERSE PRO uses $XMETA to incentivize users to participate in interactive behaviors on the platform. It is worth mentioning that $XMETA is the native token used in the platform and the network.

In the X METAVERSE PRO network, users can share their device resources with others when watching videos, such as unused computing and bandwidth. These users who contribute to the network will jointly become the cache nodes of the video transmission mesh network, Responsible for delivering video streams to viewers. That is to say, the more users who join the X METAVERSE PRO network, the more cache nodes, the lower the cost, and the higher the efficiency.

The network achieves a good balance between scalability, security, and decentralization and can complete over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) without burden. Thanks to the efficient transmission between nodes, it makes transactions and data faster and more efficient. A smart contract manages the X METAVERSE PRO project. To motivate nodes to work, a part of $XMETA is specially allocated as a reward and placed in the smart contract, which will be automatically issued after the task is completed.

X METAVERSE PRO is the industry’s first decentralized distributed P2P transmission network, which can eliminate the service interruption caused by the central server and other related problems. X METAVERSE PRO does not just want to be a decentralized streaming platform to replace the services of traditional providers. On the contrary, the crypto project aims to provide them with a cheaper and more efficient way to operate their services, while Centralized streaming platforms provide opportunities to enter the market through the protocol of X METAVERSE PRO.

What are $XMETA tokens?

$XMETA is mainly used for governance and staking of the X METAVERSE PRO system, and the total supply is fixed at 300 million tokens and will not increase in the future. At the same time, $XMETA applications exist in multiple scenarios, such as consumption, payment of transaction fees, smart contract interaction, and distribution as rewards to nodes, viewers, and content creators. There are many uses for nodes. Nodes can earn an additional $XMETA by staking tokens and contributing more idle resources on the streaming platform.

It is also worth mentioning that $XMETA has a unique burn mechanism that combats token inflation by introducing fees for using the X METAVERSE PRO network. To reduce the cryptocurrency supply, the project will burn a percentage of each payment $XMETA fee at the protocol level.

X METAVERSE PRO takes you everywhere.

After a long period of practice, X METAVERSE PRO will build the X metaverse space as the ultimate goal of its efforts, which allows the connection of hardware and software facilities, so that everyone can get rid of the constraints of geographic location and physical space, not only to achieve financial socialization but also Is to create Web3 interaction.


Web3 is an identity-centric, high-flow, modular, and relatively dynamic technical behavior. At the same time, the X METAVERSE PRO streaming media platform can realize the binding of Web2 and bring users’ social identities everywhere. For example, TikTok’s role may change, but it will still be used as an app. However, the X METAVERSE PRO platform will give streaming media a new possibility: turning social accounts into an important factor that can become a rich identity in Web3 multi-channel and enjoy various interactions in the X metaverse.

Related link: http://www.XMetaversePro.com.

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GBR COIN ICO 2022 Launch To Ensure Secure Real Estate Transactions

GBR Coin’s website clearly highlights the strategic roadmap for 2022, and as for the Q4 arm of the map, the platform is set to launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sometime in September, alongside onboarding new Web3.0 experts and sponsoring the World Blockchain Summit 2022.

GBR Coin is a Real Estate and Investment Firm based in Dubai, delivering many real estate-centered services like home sales, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, full-service property management, and marketing and buying of investment properties. 

Being 25 years in the real estate business, GBR offers a unique edge by being a self-regulated Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform enabling lightning-speed and secure transactions. 

While anyone can use GBR Coin and is free to inspect a product’s data and its working, the DeFi platform provides complete control of funds and their movements to the user. All transactions are pseudonymous and processed in a matter of a few minutes due to the underlying blockchain technology.

GBR Coin uses a Polygon network-based transactional framework that facilitates fast transfers and low transaction fees. Built on complex mathematical numbers and strings, GBR Coin harnesses blockchain technology to protect itself from hacking and false information. 

Hence, pushing the real estate market in a new direction by becoming a go-to payment gateway for the industry. Currently, the real estate sector faces its biggest challenge in non-transparent contracts between third-party entities, leading to potential fraud, money laundering, and corruption.

Moreover, unsecured titles and data management, as well as, slow unsafe transactions, is hampering the growth and user experience in the real estate industry. However, GBR Coin is battling these problems by developing a community-driven project to create a platform where challenges in real estate are being solved by a range of blockchain and cryptocurrency facilities present in one ecosystem.

With increased scalability, flexibility, transaction speed, and low fees, GBR Coin allow high levels of liquidity to ensure fair asset prices, market stability, higher technical analysis accuracy, and faster transactions.

Follow GBR Coin’s social media channels to stay up to date with the latest news:

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/gbr_coin





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PIXXTASY NFT Collection Highlights Big Brands in 3D Pixel Art for Anti-drug Drive PIXXTASY NFTs’ Mint Goes Live on Sept 7, To Feature Big Brands in 3D Pixel Art

PIXXTASY, an NFT project that promotes drug use abstinence and supports anti-drug charities, will mint its pieces of exquisitely hand-drawn 3D pixel art inspired by industry giants and popular culture on September 7.

According to the PIXXTASY team, each NFT is exclusive and hand-drawn by a skilled pixel artist to make them more original and highly regarded. The NFTs resemble pop culture symbols, industry giants, emojis, and sports icons. Specific artwork includes logos of prominent brands such as Apple, Mcdonald’s, and Netflix and icons like Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, and Spongebob.

Notably, some artwork of the NFTs takes inspiration from real-world drugs, as it aligned with the project’s goal to raise awareness about what illegal drugs may look like and the dangers of taking them.

The collection’s first mint will go live today at 20:00 (UTC), Wednesday, and followed by nine subsequent mintings every week until November 9.

The PIXXTASY team also recognizes the challenges treatment facilities and NGOs face in establishing an online presence. In commitment to fighting drug addiction, PIXXTASY will use the funds from the sale of the NFTs to build a platform to onboard these charities in their mission to support the rehabilitation of drug-dependent individuals. In particular, PIXXTASY will help empower these groups, helping them raise funds more efficiently through blockchain technology.

Moreover, PIXXTASY looks to develop a global online platform and launchpad where people or companies can reach out to organizations and develop solutions to support the recovery of illegal drug users.

Ultimately, the project aims to be a global movement that supports the fight against drugs. It looks to raise $1,000,000 already pledged to numerous charities, NGOs, and rehab facilities worldwide.

Users can visit the collection’s OpenSea listing to check out the unique collection. Follow PIXXTASY’s social media for more updates: Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.


PIXXTASY is an NFT project that promotes drug use abstinence and supports anti-drug charities. The project is founded by Zoltán Egri, a former drug-dependent who is now an active advocate against drug use. The project will support rehabilitation centers and NGOs with their operations through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

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OpenMeta Infinity Gems Campaign Starts, Airdrop Instructions Unveiled

The Odyssey event held by Arbitrum in June 2022 has attracted so much market attention with its large number of users completing tasks on-chain and the NFTs Free-Minted, making Arbitrum’s on-chain activity unprecedentedly high. As a result, more projects have also realized that airdrops seem to be an excellent way to motivate users and create popularity. The concept of Web3.0 is a relatively hot topic at present given the sluggish market right now. For NFT believers, NFT may be a ticket to the bright future of Web3.

OpenMeta’s overview

OpenMeta is a comprehensive NFT platform with high liquidity. It was invested and incubated by MDEX Foundation and has completed the deployment of BNB Chain, ETH, and Heco. It is equipped with five major features: NFT Primary, NFT Marketplace, Farm, NFT Airdrop, and My NFTs. Users can create (Gas-free minting) ,trade NFTs ( lowest handling fee of 2% on the BNBchain), and enjoy advanced services such as NFT primary release, purchasing mystery boxes, receiving airdrop rewards, and NFT stake to mine. 

OpenMeta is a user-friendly platform for both new and experienced users. It also has many advantages, such as a one-stop NFT service and various functions users need. In the future, we will see even greater potential in its development as a decentralized NFT platform.




OpenMeta Achievement Showcase

Since the official launch on January 14, 2022, OpenMeta has been running safely and yet launched more than 10 projects in their mystery box releases with the highest ROI of over 2000%. On the trading market part, OpenMeta is able to integrate with the majority of popular NFTs in the market and has optimized its core functions such as processing NFT transactions in an extremely fast and smooth mode, undoubtedly making the UI experience the top in the industry. Furthermore, in the NFT airdrop section, there are more than 20 activities held with NFT farming opened later on. So far, it has accumulated 25,000 USD in mining rewards, with more than 1,000 users participating. In addition, the number of followers on OpenMeta’s Twitter account and the community members has reached 60,000 in just half a year, which means a strong acknowledgment by the users.

Advantages of OpenMeta Airdrop function

OpenMeta is a one-stop NFT platform. The question of how to stand out in this huge NFT market and how to deal with the current market environment surely is the top priority right now for OpenMeta.

Despite the current market downturn, OpenMeta still carries a strong belief in the potential development of the NFT market. At present, NFT assets are mainly pegged to financial attributes. However, in the future of the Web3 world, an NFT can be a table, a glass of water, or a cloth, which means the financial attribute will be dramatically weakened by then. Therefore, it’s necessary to cultivate users’ habits in NFT minting and collecting. The supporting role of the Free Mint function in attracting users, especially in the background of the current bear market is obvious.

That is why OpenMeta launched the NFT airdrop function not long ago. Creating a win-win situation for the projects, users, and platform.

The platform supports projects to release their activity tasks. Users who complete the tasks can get free mint NFTs and rare NFTs. The existence of a primary market and a secondary market on OpenMeta sets it apart from the other task-oriented Free Mint platforms. In particular, its “one-stop” nature supports users from NFT minting to NFT listing and browsing all NFT collections in one place.

Recently, OpenMeta has made a lot of effort in planning a campaign called “Infinity Gems” through the airdrop function, injecting vitality into the market.

Infinity Gems campaign introduction

Infinity Gems is a large-scale united NFT airdrop event jointly organized by OpenMeta and many other partners. It is similar to the Odyssey event held by Arbitrum. The first phase will start on BNB Chain on September 8, with a time span of 2 weeks and more than 20 platforms such as media, wallets, data analysis agencies, projects, etc., joining in. Users need to complete the tasks set by the projects to get qualified for NFT free minting. OpenMeta will issue exclusive medals and USDT in rewards according to the number of NFTs and rarities minted by users. The total USDT reward is 16,000 US dollars. A person can get up to 2,000 USDT. In addition, the exclusive “OpenMeta medals” rewards are something special because in the future, OpenMeta will build around them for various utilities and benefits. Users with medals will get higher rewards compared to regular users.

OpenMeta hopes to promote the NFT ecological development of the BNB Chain through this campaign. There will be more to come on other different public chains in the future after the first season.

Advantages compared to Odyssey on Arbitrum

The Arbitrum Odyssey campaign is relatively big in 2022. The “Infinity Gems”held by OpenMeta this time is even bigger. It is the bonuses powerhouse.

Compared with the Odyssey, the Infinity Gems campaign has the following advantages:

(1) The barriers of the campaign are low.

Most of the tasks in the Odyssey campaign require on-chain interaction to mint the NFTs, but the Infinity Gems campaign requires fewer tasks, and most of them are interactive tasks on the project’s social media. Additionally, interacting on the BNB chains or minting NFTs uses less gas and is extremely simple to use.

 (2) More rewards, including USDT rewards

The prize pool for the campaign is 16,000 USDT, for sure, stablecoin is the favorite reward to users. 

(3) Shorter activity’s duration

Odyssey planned to complete it in 8 weeks, while the Infinity Gems campaign lasted for only 2 weeks. Which requires so much less user time and effort and allows them to get rewards faster.

(4) Greater exposure and influence

In addition to the 15 project parties participating in and promoting this event, nearly 10 large institutions will support the promotion as well, including media, data analysis agencies, wallets, tool platforms, etc., covering almost all aspects of the public chain ecosystem.

OpenMeta will concentrate on product development, project collaboration, and more public chain deployment. It is believed that this route can help us walk through the crypto market’s certainty.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects.

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Istanbul to Host the First Blockchain-Metaverse Expo Fair in Turkey

Istanbul Fair Center will be home to the first Blockchain technologies Expo in Türkiye on December 22-25, 2022. All actors operating in the sector around the world will get their first chance to meet in Istanbul.

“Blockchain Expo World” will feature an unprecedented event in the sector, bringing together all actors in Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies,  NFTs, WEB 3.0, Mining, DAO, DeFi, and GameFi and giving them a  chance to hear from world-renowned speakers.

Türkiye Enjoys Rapid Progression in the Industry

Rapid developments in cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, creating thousands of new areas for trade and dozens of new brands. Türkiye, having adapted to this recent change at lightning speed, quickly reached the 4th rank globally and the 1st rank in Europe with the volume of her cryptoasset market. “Blockchain Expo World”  will be a get-together for all domestic and international brands operating in this field. Following its first event in Istanbul, Blockchain  Expo World will move on to making waves in other countries. 

The First Sector-Specific Fair in Metaverse Universe

“Blockchain Expo World” will break new ground as it will also happen live in a Metaverse universe. Built around the motto of “a single fair in two different universes,” the Expo will open its physical doors simultaneously with its digital doors in a Metaverse universe for visitors wishing to enjoy the event in this setting. This aspect will make  “Blockchain Expo World” a trailblazer in Türkiye and worldwide. Visitors from the four corners of the world can pay a virtual visit to the Expo in a Metaverse universe.

Istanbul Fair Center to Host Blockchain Expo World

The Expo will occupy an area of 3.9 acres divided into three halls in  Istanbul Fair Center (IFM). The immense space will be the perfect spot for a great reunion of all relevant actors in Istanbul, with the audience notably including Cryptoasset Markets, Providers of  Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Solutions, Corporate Developers of  Metaverse Technologies, Corporate Miners of Cryptoassets, Software  Companies Using these Technologies in Game Development,  Providers of Fan Token Infrastructure, Conventional Finance  Companies, Web 3.0 Software Developers, and NFT Marketplaces and Collection Creators.

Website: https://blockchainexpoworld.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blockchainexpoworld/

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/blockchainexpoworld

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExpoBlockchain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/expoblockchain/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcXsXcg-FcGFoAsVYCMtDWA

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@blockchainexpoworld

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. NullTX is an official media sponsor of Blockchain Expo World in Istanbul.

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