EarnBet.io, Over $4 million Distributed to Token Holders in the First Year

EarnBet.io Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: Over the past year, the decentralised application market has ballooned in size. Dapps have accounted for over one billion transactions across the past year, and over ten billion dollars in volume. Nearly all this action is on behalf of gaming and gambling dapps, which continue to dominate the market and grow in terms of both users and revenue.

October 30th, 2019, Willemstad, Curacao – EarnBet (formerly EOSBet), the original dapp casino, first launched in March 2018. The platform provides a decentralised, provably fair gaming experience where players are generously rewarded for their engagement. All players receive BET tokens, which entitle them to a share of game profits. A full 100% of game profit is distributed to these token holders.

The cryptocurrency market was hungry for a functional, professional project – one that successfully highlighted the benefits of blockchain technology: immutability, transparency, decentralisation and tokenisation. EarnBet filled that void and has not looked back since.

Growing Achievements & Features

EarnBet quickly became one of the most successful dapp launch of all time, surpassing the entire Bitcoin network and every Ethereum dapp in terms of transaction volume within the first month of launch on the EOS mainnet.

Barely into its first year, EarnBet has experienced numerous achievements and milestones. The company was the first commercially successful platform built on the EOSIO blockchain, and also the first on-chain casino to acquire a Gaming License.

A guiding principle for the platform is ease of use and user experience. EarnBet offers all the benefits of blockchain technology without any of the traditional hassle. All deposits and withdrawals occur instantly, and the platform offers an extremely easy on-boarding process. In late 2018, the platform released its decentralised account system, allowing players to sign up in just a few clicks. No need to deal with wallets, 3rd party software, transaction fees, or staking resources. Best of all, all funds still remain 100% under the user’s control.

The platform is rapidly expanding outside of the EOS ecosystem, and now offers betting in BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH, with more currency integrations planned. The company will be releasing its sixth game by the end of the year and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible for a fully blockchain-based platform.

Recently, the company changed their name from EOSBet to EarnBet, a transition that reflects the platform’s rapid expansion outside of the EOS—and even cryptocurrency—communities.

A Win-Win Market for EarnBet.io

With an industry-leading house edge, EarnBet.io has recorded more than 27,000,000 million bets since 2018 and has paid out over $377,000,000 million to its winning bettors.

Perhaps most notable about EarnBet is its profit sharing mechanism, whereby the platform distributes 100% of company profit to BET token holders. To date, EarnBet has paid out over $4 million to BET token holders, who receive instant dividends directly to their account every second of every day.

Initially, BET tokens could only be obtained through gameplay or promotions. However, EarnBet recently reached another milestone by listing on Binance DEX and Newdex, allowing the greater cryptocurrency ecosystem access to its token. The platform is currently running a perpetual buyback, with over half a million tokens already burnt (about 1.5% of circulating supply).

Future Developments

After a highly-successful first year, the EarnBet team remains extremely motivated to take the platform to new heights. Two new games will be added by the end of the year, as well as an affiliates page where community members can keep track of their referral payouts. The team will also be announcing plans to add additional revenue streams and functionality to the BET token, resulting in even more rewards for token holders.

The project will also increase its marketing reach, expanding into other cryptocurrency communities and executing a number of new campaigns focused on bringing in new users. The platform is currently running a limited-time promotion where new users receive 50 free BET tokens for signing up.

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in adoption and the demand for better, more equitable gaming experiences increases, EarnBet, and its BET token are well-positioned for significant growth.

Media Contact Details
Contact Name: Frej Andersen
Contact Email: f​rej@earnbet.io

Visit the Official Site –​ ​https://earnbet.io/
Chat on Telegram –​https://t.me/earnbetcasino
Follow on Twitter –​ ​https://twitter.com/EarnBetCasino

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EOSBet.io Gets a New Look, Adds Support for BCH, and Rewards Free BET Tokens for New Sign-Ups

EOSBet.io Press Release

 Bitcoin Press Release: Crypto betting platform EOSBet.io gets a new look and is offering free 5 BET tokens for new sign-ups.

August 13th, Willemstad, Curacao – On the heels of the new development, the platform is enabling support for Bitcoin Cash deposits on the new website, which will invariably grow its user base, promote mass adoption of the crypto-based casino, and externally support the growth of the EOS token and its ecosystem.

As the first decentralized EOS-based cryptocurrency casino which offers provably fair games, EOSBet continues to ramp-up on platform features to bring about a better gaming experience for its users and in the process aims to increase its overall impact on both the cryptocurrency and gambling industry. The new website, with its sleek design, will encourage both new and old users to engage more intuitively with the platform.

Integrating BCH Deposits

EOSBet now supports deposits in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), adding to the BTC, EOS, and LTC deposits already supported by the website. Bitcoin Cash, as an altcoin forked off Bitcoin, has garnered the support of a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and currently trades on 364 markets having a cumulative 24-hour trading volume up north of $1.9 billion USD.

This initiative will, therefore, leverage the performance of the BCH coin to promote the EOSBet ecosystem, as it will grant the platform the seamless exposure to a new market, as well as the expansion of its current user base – which currently stands at over 5,000 players; to now include casino gamers that are exclusive supporters of the Bitcoin Cash altcoin.

Free BET Tokens for New Users

In celebration of the launch of the new website, EOSBet.io is offering new users the opportunity to earn free BET tokens when they create a new account on the website. Each new sign up will be rewarded with free 5 BET tokens upon the completion of the requirements for the signup process.

New users must complete the following requirements needed to earn the 5 free BET tokens:

Place 5 demo bets: New users will be able to interact with the demo game by placing 5 demo bets. This way, they would have a feel of how the game runs and experience first without paying real money.

Learn about dividends: BET tokens allows the users to earn dividends for life on the EOSBet platform. The dividends come from a portion of the casino’s profits. The rewards can be claimed per second depending on whether the payout amount meets the minimum requirement.

Create EOSBet Account: The account to be created on EOSBet.io is a decentralized account, meaning the users are in full control of the wallet, as well as the funds in them. With a simple process involving a username and saving the recovery password, a new user account is set up.

Deposit at least $75 USD in either BTC or LTC: The next step involves the deposit of $75 USD in either BTC or LTC only, from which the user can place bets while playing the games.

Place $75 USD total Bets: The last step required to earn free 5 BET tokens involves gameplay on with real bets totaling $75 USD. Once the steps are completed, the new user will be rewarded with 5 BET tokens.

EOSBet.io BET Token

Participating in promotions such as this has been one of the unique ways of earning the platform’s native cryptocurrency, BET. Holders of the BET token holders are assured of a lifetime of earning dividends paid out from profits generated by the platform, thereby creating a unique utility for the token.

Visit the EOSBet Official Sitehttps://eosbet.io
Create an Account now – https://eosbet.io/register
Chat on Telegram – https://t.me/eosbetcasino
Follow on Twitter – https://twitter.com/eosbetcasino?lang=en
Read the Medium – https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino
Catch EOSBet on Gitlab https://gitlab.com/EOSBetCasino

Media Contact Details
Contact Name: Frej
Contact Email: frej@eosbet.io

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mBitcasino Upgrades Website With Big Promotions and New Features

mBitcasino Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: Leading bitcoin casino mbitcasino has announced its a new look for its site and has released the update along with new promotions worth over 5 BTC, for its users.

December 10, 2018 – Curacao mBitcasino is a world leader in the bitcoin casino space, launching in March 2014. Since then it has upheld a stellar record in terms of player satisfaction and overall usability, setting a higher standard for the industry along the way. Today, mBit Casino takes things to a whole new level with a major overhaul of the entire website and its infrastructure.

Full-site redesign

The best modern bitcoin casinos are known for their emphasis on functionality and good looks. Built on the strong foundation of its previous design, mBit Casino has been given a major facelift, and now has a newer, more fluid design, improved navigation, and boasts new integrations without impairing the usability of the site.

The user dashboard has been created from scratch to match the look and feel of the site, and to present all player-related information at a glance. This allows players to be a single click away from their account balance, bonuses and VIP stats.

VIP Makeover

Speaking of VIP, the space-themed program at mBit will make players feel like real astronauts, allowing them to skyrocket all the way up to the moon on an engaging journey. A complete makeover of the bonus program is being presented, including a daily Cashback bonus that can go up to 20%, multiple bonuses that go up to 1 BTC, tons of free spins, and a fluid path to the moon where everyone can accumulate loyalty points 5 times faster. Play like a VIP, get rewarded like a VIP.

New 5 BTC Welcome Package

The renewed VIP offering is not the only breath of fresh air – the welcome package has been significantly improved as well. New players are welcomed by 50 Free Spins just for signing up and confirming their telephone number.

New players are welcomed with a First Deposit Bonus of 110% that goes all the way up to 1 BTC. Second deposits get an extra 50% up to 2.5 BTC, and players that make a third deposit are awarded are now awarded an increased 75% Bonus up to 1.5 BTC. That’s a whopping 5 BTC in bonuses for every new player, paving the way towards their big wins! In total there are 300 free spins in the entire welcome package.

Winter Treats!

Christmas starts early at mBit casino with an action-packed 31-day promotion calendar. mBit has prepared a special bonus for its users every day of December, ranging from unlimited deposit bonuses to hundreds of free spins to cashback, and everything in-between. Visit the Christmas Calendar here.

Casino manager Philip Aaker speaks about the change, stating:

“Offering a great user experience has always been our top priority, and with everything that we do, we’d like to raise the bar on the market as a whole. Today I am proud to present a modern and intuitive design that allows players easy access to all important sections, paired with efficient bonuses, for all tastes and budgets. Today, we are happy to celebrate a brand-new design on mBit that’s optimized for mobile and all other platforms, as well as a significantly improved bonus package.”

mBitcasino – the place to play!

Being one of the oldest bitcoin casinos in the industry, and the first one to be licensed, mBitcasino has always been one of the top options for players, offering a wide collection of games, support for multiple cryptocurrencies, a strong referral program and outstanding customer care. Its recent upgrade and month-long Christmas promo make it even more appealing. mBit Casino is the place to play at!

Media Contact
Contact Name: Linda Murphy
Contact email: support@mbitcasino.com

Find mbit Casino on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mbitcasino
Follow mbit Casino on Telegramhttps://twitter.com/mBitCasino
mbit Casino on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9DDv9R6wVKcS5zXCIITbHw
Check out the new mbit Casio winter promo – https://www.mbitcasino.com/christmas-promotions

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Fly to the Moon and Score Goals With Bitcoins on OneHash

OneHash Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: OneHash, the fastest-growing mutual betting platform has released its new gaming products – Moon and Goals, which allow players to engage and win bitcoins in ways that the industry has yet to see.

9th August, 2018. Willemstad, Curacao. New products were built and released with the purpose to create a new quality of games by giving players more engaging and competitive ways to enjoy additional activities between betting on their favourite events.

OneHash Reinvents Online Entertainment with Release of New Gaming Products

Moon is an innovative and highly engaging game where players can win up to x1000!

The mission is to fly as high as you can without being destroyed. Moon is based on the chicken model, also known as the hawk–dove game which has its origins in a game in which two drivers drive towards each other on a collision course and first of them that turns will be called a “chicken”.

In Moon, players can see other people playing at the same time and the bonuses gathered by them. If one of them decides to stop, others see it and still can fly higher and earn more money. The point is to earn as much as you can and to find a perfect balance between being “chicken” and getting crushed!

Goals is the newest, highly interactive game, which objective is to shoot as many goals in a row as one can, without catching the ball by the goalkeeper. Players can play on 3 levels and win even up to x43544! Released with the Football World Championship in mind, Goals immediately became a nr 1 choice for many of the players.

Newly developed products complement and enhance the current OneHash gaming offer, consisted of classic gambling games – Dice and Slots. Also, OneHash representatives told that the company didn’t say the last words and the customers can expect more brand new games in upcoming months.

Eric Baker, the Brand Manager at OneHash, said:

“We constantly observe and analyse online casino games offered by our competitors and our main conclusion is that most of them are based on the same mechanisms known from years and aren’t really appealing or visually attractive. Our main goal was to create very engaging, highly interactive games that will really differentiate. The release of Moon and Goals is the first step towards this objective.”

Eric went on to comment:

“Both games represent completely new quality in online gambling environment. The initial feedback from players is absolutely amazing. People love these games! Of course this is not the last word in this area. Our team is working hard on the new initiatives that will disrupt online gambling activities.”

About OneHash

Founded in 2014, OneHash is a leading and fastest-growing bitcoin mutual betting sportsbook and casino platform.

OneHash provides the secure & trustworthy betting service that allows to bet on all the biggest sports and eSports events, as well as the curated special events from the cultural and political areas such as Oscars, Grammys, all the major elections and many more.

OneHash is the only sportsbook that offers its users mutual betting service – a system in which all bets are placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

Visit the Website: https://onehash.com
Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onehashcom/
Follow on Twitter: @OneHash_com
Medium: https://blog.onehash.com/

Media Contact:
Name: Eric Baker
Email: eric.baker@onehash.com

OneHash is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of a stable value, or of any value at all. Token sales are only suitable for individuals with a high risk tolerance. Only participate in a token event with what you can afford to lose.

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